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PLOT further enriches "hard parts", which is a traditional field of specialty among many motorcycle parts, and further supports "apparel", "touring products" as well as "outdoor". In addition, we have a wide range of consumables such as chains and batteries that are essential for maintenance of your own car, genuine parts and chemicals.

In House Brand

IGAYA / Motorcycle Tour Tail Bag

The product name "IGAYA" originates with the location as Igaya-cyo, Kariya-shi, Aichi prefecture where our company was established.
IGAYA tail bag series are produced with unique specification that you have never seen in the world wide. so we will distribute them not only for Japanese customers but also for Overseas customers.


EFFEX CONDITIONINGS as our in-house brand which is targeting for adjust a riding position with the keywords「Safety・Security・Comfort」.
To be just a right for you. EFFEX CONDITIONINGS provide you comfortable items with high quality more than specializing for amount of change rate.


Springer Fork disappeared from Harley's new car lineup in 2011.
After that, the supply as Harley genuine repair parts was finished, and finally it became a phantom part.
Therefore, PLOT brings together the technologies it has cultivated in the development of Springer Forks for road hoppers and launches new Springer Forks to the world.

Other In House Brand