Springer Fork FL type / FX type

Springer Fork disappeared from Harley's new motorcycle lineup in 2011.
After that, the supply as Harley genuine repair parts was finished, and finally it became a phantom part.
Therefore, PLOT brings together the technologies it has cultivated in the development of Springer Forks for Road Hoppers and launches new Springer Forks to the world.

“Make things that don’t exist.”
“If you make, make something beyond the original.”

FL Type

FX Type

Faithfully reproduce the original design in every detail.

Both the FL and FX types faithfully reproduced the original design dimensions. The most important thing is how to connect the main leg. Brazing was used instead of welding, which is often found in external products. This is a point for people who know the caulking process to fill the gaps in the connection. There is no difference in strength, and a destructive test that continues to apply force until deformation occurs, confirming that it has strength higher than the original. Peripheral parts such as top clamp, handle riser, shock absorber, caliper support and axle shaft are included in the kit for smooth installation.

■ Two colors of chrome and black

Two types are available: beautiful chrome plating and black powder coat. Please choose according to the model to be installed.

■ Main leg brazed connection

Connection by brazing to reproduce the original looks. It has both sufficient strength and classic design.

■ Stem peripheral parts

Handle riser, top clamp, stem nut, etc. are included.
* Stem bearing is not included in the kit.

■ Shock absorber

Stroke characteristics differ depending on the dimension of FL type / FX type. A shock absorber with damping performance tailored to each characteristic is equipped.

■ Caliper support for genuine calipers

Caliper support for genuine calipers and torque rod are standard equipment.
* Caliper is not included in the kit.

Performance and convenience exceeding the original.

■ Rocker with built-in bearing
Movement image of spherical bearings

The use of spherical bearings at the joints of both the front and rear legs ensures smooth movement of the rocker. In addition, there is no need to adjust the locker bolts on the main side, improving maintainability. PLOT’S original mechanism established with Springer fork for Road Hoppers.

■ Handle lock for EVO / Twin Cam

The stem shaft is pre-processed so that the genuine handle locks of the EVO frame and Twin Cam frame can be used as they are. Also, it can be supported by attaching the attached stay to the padlock type. Compatible with all handle lock systems that vary by year and destination.

Product Details.

Fitt ment

Vehicle type SOFTAIL '88~'11 YM

FL Type

color Chrome / Chrome Spring
Part number ZSF-FL-C
Price excluding tax ¥198,000 (japanese yen)
color Black / chrome spring
Part number ZSF-FL-B *1
Price excluding tax ¥198,000 (japanese yen)

*1 The included handle riser, upper clamp, and caliper support are all black.

FX Type

color Chrome / Chrome Spring
Part number ZSF-FX-C
Price excluding tax ¥198,000 (japanese yen)
color Black / chrome spring
Part number ZSF-FX-B *2
Price excluding tax ¥198,000 (japanese yen)

* 2 The included handle riser and top clamp are black. The caliper support is chrome.