IGAYA Motorcycle Tour Tail Bag

A functional and fashionalble tail seat bag with water resistance.
1680D Ballistic Nylon outer shell and preattached triple hard plates guarantee stability when riding, and stiffness against damage.

In addition, the large top lid will protect contents from sudden rain.
Stratigically designed Low And Wide shape not only ensure design/stability when riding,
but also convenience when storing in wide objects such as camping/camera equipments without expanding the bag.

A wide and shallow bag is more useful when putting in and out small equipments.

Ease of use is an essential fact for long-term usage.

※Don't forget to check out our storing sample page for Long Tour Seat Bag and Camp Tour Seat Bag.


Key features

1680D Ballistic Nylon construction

Ballistic Nylon is known for its thick and tough fabric which was developed for military purposes. Its durability to friction and tear is suitable not only for bullet proof vests, but aslo for motorcycle equipments. Lining made from PVC fabric toughen its resistance to water as well.
※This product is not fully waterproof. Please use included rain cover when using in the rain.

Low&Wide shape

Reduced height and widened design make it easier to ride on your motorcycle, and to take out equipments.


When unextended, the top flap covers up both side pockets.When extended, it covers the main compartment which can slow down water from flooding in.
※This product is not fully waterproof. Please use included rain cover when using in the rain.
※Certified as Japanese Utility Model Registration Number 3218379.
※ All zippers are reversed models for extra water repellency.

Large size buckles

Easy to open even with gloves on.

Expandable storage

Capacity can be expanded by unfastening side zippers of the bag. This comes in handy when buying gifts on your way home.

Openable from both sides

Easy to take out large equipments which you struggle, by unfastening both sides.
※One Day Tour Tail Bag excluded.

Foldable to a compact size

By unfastening both sides , it`s possible to fold both side pockets inward. This large bag can be stored flatly and compactly.
※One Day Tour Tail Bag excluded.

Other functions


Able to maintain a stable position due to its stiffness by hard plates installed on the bottom, front, and back.


Total of 16 D-rings provide a wide range of attachments to maximize the loading capacity.

Mounting buckles

Easy to mount and detach on your motorcycle by 4 buckles on the front and back.
※Kifco TSR-25 used for buckles.

Shoulder Strap

Shoulder strap with cuison installed will support your shoulder when carry around the bag itself.

Rain cover included.

Size is based on when extended.Please note that this is not fully waterproof.