Installed directly into your stock seat.
Two line-up by size.


Item number:EHZ3637
Price(tax excluded):¥7,500 (Japanese Yen)


Item number:EHZ2526
Price(tax excluded):6,900 JPY


ooks good and feels good.

It`s perfect for riders who wants a comfortable seat, without spoiling its looks.GEL-ZAB S/SS cannot be waterproofed unlike GEL-ZAB R/D, due to a lack of outer fabric. Therefore, the material is changed to water proof urethane used in shower chairs. SS model is 30% miniaturized than our S model. It fits super sport motorcycles/small passenger seats which were difficult with GEL-ZAB S.

Type S can be cut 20mm from its outline. Type SS will be 10mm.

※EXGEL is built-in the yellow part of this figure.

How to install GEL-ZAB S/SS

First, use a flathead screwdriver or a pair of pliers to remove the staples on the backside of your seat.
Then, remove the outer fabric. Keep in mind that a minimum space is necessary to place GEL-ZAB. Removing the entire outer fabric is unnecessary in some cases.

Second, decide the position to install your GEL-ZAB.
Type S can be cut 20mm from its outline. Type SS will be 10mm.
Its outline can be cut to suit your seat better.

Last, place back the outer fabric and staples.
By placing it right and left alternately, a balanced finish can be expected. Please be careful not to stretch the outer fabric too much. It might cause a loss of softness and comfortless.

Tools used

  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Pair of pliers
  • White pen
  • Pair of scissors
  • Staple gun
  • This product does not ensure to fully reduce your pain/fatigue. Individual results may vary.
  • Due to the characteristic of gel, heat/coldness from high/low temperature maybe felt.  In those cases, leaving it until it reaches a suitable temperature is recommended.
  • Damage to your seat may occur while installing this product. In addition, regularly remove this product in long terms usage to check for any damage.
  • Keep away from fire or high temperature objects. It may cause a degradation in its performance.
  • Leaving this product in temperature over 80℃(176F) may cause a loss in quality.
  • Do not touch this product with sharp objects. It may cause damage.
  • Do not puncture or cut this product. For model S/SS, do not puncture or cut parts with gel sealed in.
  • Stop usage of this product when breakage occur.
  • In case this product absorbs moisture, let it dry in a well-ventilated area.
  • In case of stains, gently rub it off with a soft moisture cloth. A washer/dryer cannot be used. In addition, do not use alcohol/oil chemicals. It may cause damage to this product.
  • Please dispose of this product as non-burnable trash.