• YAMAHA MT-09


  • KAWASAKI W800 passenger seat


Round design to fit various seats.
Installment to your passenger seat is recommended as well.


Item number:EHZ3136
Price(tax excluded):9,500 JPY


GEL-ZAB R size guide

EL-ZAB R improves the sense of unity when mounting,

by adopting a rounder shape compared with our former product.

The calculated design suppresses floating, and enables installation to complicated shaped seats and a wider range of motorcycles.

※EXGEL is built-in the yellow part of this figure.

xtension kit

In case of lack of Velcro length, we`ve prepared an extension Velcro.
Its double-sided zipper allows easy extension without any twists.

※Please use the upper size guide as a standard.

Extension hook and loop fastener

Item number:EHZ250EX
Price(tax excluded):900 JPY
Length::250mm Quantity:1

  • This product does not ensure to fully reduce your pain/fatigue. Individual results may vary.
  • Due to the characteristic of gel, heat/coldness from high/low temperature maybe felt.  In those cases, leaving it until it reaches a suitable temperature is recommended.
  • Damage to your seat may occur while installing this product. In addition, regularly remove this product in long terms usage to check for any damage.
  • Keep away from fire or high temperature objects. It may cause a degradation in its performance.
  • Leaving this product in temperature over 80℃(176F) may cause a loss in quality.
  • Do not touch this product with sharp objects. It may cause damage.
  • Do not puncture or cut this product. For model S/SS, do not puncture or cut parts with gel sealed in.
  • Stop usage of this product when breakage occur.
  • In case this product absorbs moisture, let it dry in a well-ventilated area.
  • In case of stains, gently rub it off with a soft moisture cloth. A washer/dryer cannot be used. In addition, do not use alcohol/oil chemicals. It may cause damage to this product.
  • Please dispose of this product as non-burnable trash.