EFFEX ゲルザブゲルザブ累計販売数9000枚突破

What is ZAB ?

ZAB is taken from the japanese word "Zabuton",which means "cushion for sitting"

"Zabuton" is a traditional cushion originating over 800 years ago, still used in modern Japan.

Its flat and thin look was perfect to refer to a motorcycle seat cushion.



Reduces pain in the buttocks

ntroduction of EXGEL
  • Special soft rubber which has the characteristics of rubber (shape recovery) and gel (liquidity).
  • Slowly recovers to the original shape after it slowly sink and shrink with weight.
  • Does not interfere even with slight body movements since it fits to every direction gradually.
  • Minimal degradation over time due to non foaming.
  • Shock absorption is 5-10 times better than urethane foam.
  • Minimal hardness affect from temperature.(-5~+35℃)
  • EXGEL is lighter than any other rubber materials since it floats on water.
inimizes your fatigue and pain by dispersing body pressure

Urethane foam and memory foam (low-resistance urethane) are sponge-like foams, but since Exgel is a kind of rubber, it does not sink in like urethane.

Therefore, pressure does not concentrate on one point, and is received on a wide surface.

hock absorption is more than 10 times greater than urethane.

Urethane foam receives an impact instantaneously, but Exgel has a impact absorption 5-10 times greater than urethane foam due to its material which transmits power to multiple directions while counteracting impacts.

It will also effectively absorb the irregularities of road surfaces and small trembles transmitted from the engine.

Comfortableness that doesn`t spoil your riding experience.

Anti-slip outer/inner fabric

We adopted a material which can maintain moderate grip even with nylon material used for riding wear.
A soft material which prevents damage to the seats outer fabric is adopted for the inner layer. You can concentrate on driving without worrying about slips on your seat.
The fabric is water proof so usage in the rain is possible as well.

Surprisingly thin gel

Perfect thickness that doesn`t spoil your riding experience or position, utilizing the characteristics of gel.
(GEL-ZAB R:aprx.12mm, D:aprx.14mm, S/SS:aprx.11mm)

Easy to mount

Just remove your seat and install it with hook and loop fasteners.

※Fastener length may not be enough depending on your seat size.
In that case, please buy our extension fastener kit.(Kit sold separately)